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Key holder with set of 10 games Pinball

Keychain with 10 games set size 1.8 cm diameter 4 cm
€ 0.66 cad.
IVA esclusa

Frisbee Piccolo

Frisbee in plastica diametro 16 cm
€ 0.70 cad.
IVA esclusa

YO-YO wooden Curl

YO-YO timber size 2.8 cm diameter 5.5 cm
€ 0.95 cad.
IVA esclusa

Mini rubber balls

Mini 4 cm diameter rubber balls
€ 1.10 cad.
IVA esclusa

Stress ball with assorted faces and colors

Stress ball diameter 5 cm
€ 1.15 cad.
IVA esclusa


€ 1.30 cad.
IVA esclusa

Christmas Tree Hangers with Markers

3 subjects colorable
€ 1.30 cad.
IVA esclusa

Frisbee Grande MAXI

Plastic frisbee
€ 1.60 cad.
IVA esclusa

Frisbee pocket nylon case

Frisbee pocket diameter 22.5 cm
€ 1.70 cad.
IVA esclusa

Plastic frisbee game

Play frisbee 21.5 cm diameter plastic
€ 2.00 cad.
IVA esclusa

Cesta multipurpose folding games Legab

Multipurpose folding basket size 34x52x34 cm games
€ 2.10 cad.
IVA esclusa

Playing table tennis with a ball

Playing table tennis ball format with 26.5 cm
€ 2.95 cad.
IVA esclusa

Aquilone in Nylon MAXI

Aquilone 60x70 cm
€ 3.00 cad.
IVA esclusa

PVC ball Pauli

Ball diameter 13 cm
€ 3.40 cad.
IVA esclusa
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Penna a Cuore con Clip Magnetica

€ 0.53 cad.
IVA esclusa

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